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Ho3+-doped YNbO4 and Y3NbO7 phosphors were synthesised via a co-precipitation synthesis route. Structural characterisation and spectroscopic properties were performed as a function of the Ho3+ concentration. The Rietveld type-refinement confirms the stabilisation of the pure monoclinic Fergusonite YNbO4 phase at the highest temperatures, but the quadratic phase is stabilised for the lowest temperature, whereas a pure cubic fluorite Y3NbO7 phase was observed for all of the heat treatments. Raman and infrared spectroscopies were used to compare the cation-oxygen vibrational modes. Emission spectra and up-conversion processes were obtained under excitation at 445 and 975 nm respectively. For a similar Ho3+ content, the energy transfers observed show differences between the two crystalline compounds that are related to a stronger interaction between the holmium cations in the fluorite host lattice.


Guene-Girard, S.;  Courtois, J.;  Dussauze, M.;  Heintz, J-M;  Fargues, A.;  Roger, J.;  Nalin, M.;  Cardinal, T.;  Jubera, V

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