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Introduction: The undisputed increase of the relevance of measuring the work-related psychosocial factors is confronted with a lack of qualified well-documented measuring instruments covering all important aspects. Aim: To develop and validate a standardized Arabic version of the COPSOQ II for evaluating the psychosocial environment at the oil and gas workplace. Method: COPSOQ network guidelines for validation studies were followed. The original Danish COPSOQ II (Long version) was meticulously translated and comprehensively validated among an adaptation sample of 500 oil and gas industry workers in the Suez Oil Processing Company in Egypt. Only 438 workers completed the questionnaire in Arabic and English languages with demonstrated sociodemographic data (Yielding a response rate of 87.6%). Psychometric properties of COPSOQ II scale items were depicted in terms of descriptive statistics, feasibility analysis, and internal consistency. Furthermore, A-COPSOQ II was tested for factorial validity using exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. Results: Mean age of the study participants was 35 ± 6 years. Scales of Arabic COPSOQ depicted a great Concordance and Reliability (C-α > 0.7). Content Validity Index (CVI) was estimated to be 0.87; ranging from 0.7 - 0.9. Models of exploratory factor analyses projected a reflective working model with reasonable results in 33 out of 41 overall scales. Confirmatory factor analysis revealed an acceptable fit (X2 = 745.67, X2/df = 2.09, SRMR = 0.058, CFI = 0.87). Conclusion: Arabic version of COPSOQ II is a relevant and culturally accepted conceptual instrument for tracking psychosocial hazards and promoting a safe environment for all workers.


Osman NA;  Bedwani RN;  Shehata GM;  Emam MM;  Rabie AM

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