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Toxic products have been linked with some diseases, therefore, it is important to reduce the contact and ingestion of them by the human being. One place where is common to find trace elements of toxic products is in the food we eat every day. This happens, because those products are necessary to protect crops, specially from pest of fields. Losses in crops, due to pests of fields, are very common and unpredictable. Furthermore, pests tend to spread in short periods of time, and consume large areas of production, leaving nothing behind. Early pest detection has high importance. The following document presents the project called Intelligent Insect Monitoring System ((IMS)-M-2). This project aims to early detect pests of fields using a system to attract insects by creating several stimuli (chromatic, food, sexual, and UV light). Next, the (IMS)-M-2 takes a picture of the insect and uses Cloud Based Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to classify the image, then checks if the insect is dangerous to the crops or not. The results showed the system's elements to be effective, making it possible to create a final prototype to be implemented in real-life situations in order to capture, identify, and alarm the farmers of possible pests.


Sobreiro, Luis;  Branco, Sergio;  Cabral, Jorge;  Moura, Luisa

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