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To tackle the growing complexity and huge demand for tailored domestic video surveillance systems along with a high demanding time-to-market expectation, engineers at IVV Automacao, LDA(a) are exploiting video surveillance domain as families of systems that can be developed following a pay-as-you-go fashion rather than developing an exnihilo new product. Several and different new functionalities are required for each new product's hardware platforms (e.g., ranging from mobile phone, PDA to desktop PC) and operating systems (e.g., flavors of Linux, Windows and MAC OS X). Some of these functionalities have special economical constraints of development time and memory footprint. To better accommodate all the above listing requirements, a model-driven generative software development paradigm supported by mainstream tools is proposed to offer a significant leverage in hiding commonalities and configuring variabilities across families of video surveillance products while maintaining the new product quality.


Cardoso, Nuno;  Rodrigues, Pedro;  Vale, Joao;  Garcia, Paulo;  Cardoso, Paulo;  Monteiro, Joao;  Cabral, Jorge;  Mendes, Jose;  Ekpanyapong, Mongkol;  Tavares, Adriano

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