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Three solid solutions of Tetragonal Tungsten Bronze structure containing Li were prepared by solid state route starting from the parent compound Ba2NdFeNb4O15. These solid solutions involve Li insertion compensated by cationic removal. All cationic sites were involved to investigate their influence on the dielectric transitions observed in Ba2NdFeNb4O15, i.e. from relaxor (R) to ferroelectric (FE) and finally to paraelectric (PE). All solid solutions display the same pattern, which is an evolution from a relaxor to ferroelectric crossover, leading to a single transition (relaxor to paraelectric). This evolution is accompanied by a sudden increase of the ordering temperature (Tm). A focus on structure refinements shows the slight differences induced by the insertion of Li and points towards the role of anionic framework as responsible for the dielectric properties of these materials. This study completes the work performed on other cationic substitutions performed in the title material, and represents a new example of Li substituted TTB materials.


de Beauvoir, Thomas Herisson;  Delage, Tom;  Josse, Michael

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