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Nanostructuration is one of the most promising strategies to develop performant electrode materials for energy storage devices, such as hybrid supercapacitors. In this work, we studied the influence of precipitation medium and the use of a series of 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide ionic liquids for the nanostructuration of beta(III) cobalt oxyhydroxides. Then, the effect of the nanostructuration and the impact of the different ionic liquids used during synthesis were investigated in terms of energy storage performances. First, we demonstrated that forward precipitation, in a cobalt-rich medium, leads to smaller particles with higher specific surface areas (SSA) and an enhanced mesoporosity. Introduction of ionic liquids (ILs) in the precipitation medium further strongly increased the specific surface area and the mesoporosity to achieve well-nanostructured materials with a very high SSA of 265 m(2)/g and porosity of 0.43 cm(3)/g. Additionally, we showed that ILs used as surfactant and template also functionalize the nanomaterial surface, leading to a beneficial synergy between the highly ionic conductive IL and the cobalt oxyhydroxide, which lowers the resistance charge transfer and improves the specific capacity. The nature of the ionic liquid had an important influence on the final electrochemical properties and the best performances were reached with the ionic liquid containing the longest alkyl chain.


Invernizzi, Ronan;  Guerlou-Demourgues, Liliane;  Weill, Francois;  Lemoine, Alexia;  Dourges, Marie-Anne;  Baraille, Isabelle;  Flahaut, Delphine;  Olchowka, Jacob

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