Poultry farming in the sub-Saharan region of Africa is fraught with a lot of challenges among which are high temperature and humidity. In this paper, the authors proposed an Internet of Things (IoT) framework that will help in regulating the various climatic conditions that will help at providing a high yield of poultry products. This framework is aimed at providing proactive and preventive ways to avert or reduce the high mortality rate in a flock of birds as a result of heat stress. IoT which is a connected environment of monitoring sensors with high precision and an accurate decision taken would be presented in managing environmental conditions of poultry house that will gather information, analyze it and effect an action based on the predetermined weather conditions that are suitable for bird's existence.


Afeez, Nasiru;  Adeshina, Steve A.;  Inci, Abdullahi;  Boukar, Moussa M.

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