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Optical composite fibers based on active transition metal (TM)-doped semiconductor crystals are being investigated for use in mid-infrared (mid-IR) fiber laser systems. This study evaluates a candidate glass matrix system assessing its key physical properties and suitability for optical fiber drawing and examines the stability of TM-doped ZnSe crystals during processing. Results indicate that despite excellent refractive index matching between crystal and glass matrix and good fiber draw attributes, the stability of the crystalline dopant within the glass melt is severely impacted by melt conditions. The time and temperature dependence of this stability is mapped by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and second-harmonic generation (SHG) microscopy, illustrating how these tools can be used to track the phase stability and robustness throughout the melting process. Results show that in a range of sulfo-selenide based matrices, dissolution and re-precipitation of Zn-containing crystalline phases is a dominant mechanism.


Chazot, Matthieu;  Arias, Chanelle;  Kang, Myungkoo;  Blanco, Cesar;  Kostogiannes, Alexandros;  Cook, Justin;  Yadav, Anupama;  Rodriguez, Vincent;  Adamietz, Frederic;  Verreault, Dominique;  Danto, Sylvain;  Loretz, Thomas;  Seddon, Angela;  Furniss, David;  Schepler, Kenneth;  Richardson, Martin C.;  Richardson, Kathleen A.

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