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  • SAJPP-P-102 Recommendation: Major revision In this manuscript, the authors determined the cytokine modulatory effects of Sesamum indicum seeds oil on Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (EAE) in mice. However, the antioxidant effect of sesame oil on the EAE in mice was previously evaluated by Mosayebi et al. (2007, Pakistan Journal of Biological Science, 10 (11); 1790-1796), but I feel that the current study has a merit. However, several issues must be addressed.

    (Major comments and Remarks to the Author): Abstract • Page 2, lines 17-19. Please confirm these results with that mentioned in result section lines 124-132. Introduction 1. In introduction section, its preferable to cite the previous study evaluated the antioxidant effect of sesame oil on the EAE in mice ( Mosayebi et al., 2007, Pakistan Journal of Biological Science, 10 (11); 1790-1796). Then focus on the novelty of the current study. 2. Page 3, lines 45-47. this statement is an expectation from the authors and no study supported this fact yet. Therefore, this statement must be rephrased. 3. Page 3, lines 49-51. Explain in details the importance of olive oil in this study Material and methods 1. Page 4, line 54. why the authors used female mice and didn’t use male mice as the females are known by the physiological and hormonal changes in their body. are such changes didn’t effect on the therapeutic efficacy of medicaments? 2. Page 5, line 83. In subtitle, Measurement of IFN-γ, IL-10, IL-17 and TGF-β levels in the supernatant. the authors must mention the composition of dilution buffer, washing buffer, stop solution. Also, the standard curve for each evaluated cytokines must be mentioned as supplementary data with the manuscript. Additionally, the authors must mention the company manufactured of the ELIZA reader. Results • The titles of table 1 and 3, please check the data are presented in average or mean and standard deviation. Also, it’s preferable to show the level of cytokines in median and range. Discussion • The results revealed significant differences in the level of some cytokines as IL-17 and IFN-γ between treated and non-treated mice, however, other cytokines didn’t exhibit such differences. Therefore, the authors should explain and interpret ate such selectivity influences of sesame oil on cytokines levels. (Technical Comments to the Author): Abstract: • Page 2, Line 10. abbreviations must be mentioned for all evaluated variables Introduction 1. Page 3, line 28. disorders should be replaced by disorder 2. Page 3, line 30. responsible for better to used instead of responsible in 3. Page 3, Line 32. please check interferon gamma or gamma interferon Martial and methods 1. Page 4, line 57. if it's available, please to add the approval number 2. Page 4, Line 60. mycobacterium should be italic 3. Page 4, Line 62. please add abbreviation of phosphate buffer saline 4. Page 4, Line 62. please add citation to the used dosage of pertussis toxin 5. Page 4, line 70. add the number of each group ( n = ) 6. Page 4, Line 71. its better to use new formula ml kg -1 7. Page 4, Line 72. Please, add saline to be PBS 8. Page 5, Line 74. there is no need to use the complete name of PBS, the abbreviation is sufficient 9. Page 5, Line 77. Please add abbreviation to fetal bovine serum (FBS) 10. Page 5, Line 80. again, please use the abbreviation and in all manuscript please check it 11. Page 5, lines 80-81. mention the name of medium, RPMI-5 and mention the abbreviation of FCS Results • Page 6, line 107. there is no need to mention the values of the result as its already mentioned in tables Discussion • Page 8, line 153. The number of references its better to move after citation directly and please make this in all manuscript

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