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An abrupt decrease in the solar wind pressure and its effect on the magnetosphere and ionosphere during the event occurring on April 4, 1971, are studied. This event differs fundamentally from a typical sudden commencement (SC) of a geomagnetic storm or from a positive sudden impulse (SI+) and is determined as a negative sudden impulse (SI-). The geomagnetic variations at different latitudes and the cosmic radio emission in the auroral zone are analyzed. From the data of low-latitude geomagnetic observatories, several subsequent negative impulses observed with a periodicity of similar to 45 min were found. At the same time, a sudden decrease in the absorption of cosmic radio emission in the auroral zone was revealed. Possible physical explanations of the observed changes are discussed.


Shumilov, O. I.;  Kasatkina, E. A.;  Kleimenova, N. G.

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