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The prevalence of Denture-Related Stomatitis (DRS) varies from 11% to 67%. The aim of this work was to quantify the prevalence of DRS and its types in a population wearing removable dentures and to analyse its relation to gender. A total of 155 patients from FMDUP were observed. The DRS was characterized according to Newton's classification and the data analysed in SPSS (significance level p<0.05). The population mean age was 57 years old and the DRS prevalence was 45.2% with significant differences between genders (74.3% females). We found 41.4% DRS type I, 34.4% type II and 24.3% type III. The differences between genders were statistically significant to all DRS types, being more prevalent in females. The prevalence of DRS in our population fell within the range of previous studies. Besides other factors, the higher prevalence reported in females can be related with the hormonal changes occurring particularly after menopause.


Figueiral, M. H.;  Reis-Campos, J. C.;  Correia, A.;  Pereira-Leite, T.;  Fonseca, P.

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