The results of the analysis of a test is indispensable for making the policies that should be done by a teacher in improving the quality of teaching and learning. This study aimed to describe characteristics of the school examination for Biology subject in Banjar Regency in the year of 2014/2015. The quantitative analysis was based on modern test theory using software version MICROCAT Big steps 2.30 on the response of the students' answers to the tests made in the Department of Education and Ministry of Religious Affairs. The results showed that the tests made in the Ministry of Religion have suitability items with the model of Rasch and better quality than the tests made in the Department of Education. Both tests had a level of difficulty that was good, discriminating power which was unacceptable, and the distribution of response answers that was not good. Statistics showed that the reliability of items was preferential while the reliability of persons was weak. Moreover, it was still found the students who responded inconsistently.


Wardhani, Dyah Febria;  Suratno;  Putra, Aminuddin P.

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