Scientific problems and phenomena in nature can be developed in learning. Creating scientific products that have moral in the educational dimension were solved through problem-solving, including the problem of wetlands. Material of wetlands in biology learning is carried out through teaching moral values through the implementation of worksheet. This research aims to describe the implementation of the moral dilemma worksheet on the concept of the Ecosystem Component through the problem solving of wetlands. This research was a development research using formative evaluation design from Tessmer. The research participants were high school students in Banjarmasin. Data collection was obtained from the assessment of the average N-Gain ability to solve wetland problems, and student responses. The analysis of the effectiveness level of solving wetland problems obtained from post-test scores, and the students' quantitative responses. The results showed that the implementation of Moral Dilemma Worksheet on the N-Gain aspect of understanding the problem was 0.76; aspects of problem-solving planning 0.64; aspects of solving problems 0.63; and the aspect of reassessing the outcome of the problem is 0.60. Student's response to the moral dilemma worksheet moral on the aspects of interest obtained criteria very interested in the value of 64.83%.


Putra, Aminuddin Prahatama;  Amalia, Desica

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