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The spin crossover (SCO) phenomenon corresponds to a modification that originates at the atomic scale. However, the simple consideration of the transformations that occur following the SCO at this scale or in its close vicinity does not allow anyone to truly understand, anticipate and thus take advantage of what happens at the scale of the material, and even less at the device one. As the fruit of years of work and experience on this phenomenon, we formalize here the concept of the multiscale understanding of SCO. Clearly, the deflagration generated by the initial impressive atomic modification on all the physical scales of the solid must be understood in terms of structure-properties relationships that fit together, like Russian dolls, and propagate according to a kind of domino effect. Each scale can both give different and independent consequences from those of the other scales but at the same time can influence those of a larger or smaller scale, the whole being imperatively to take into account. The concept appears well illustrated by the volume modification, always the same at the atomic level but drastically different and adaptable, in amplitude and sense, at any other physical scale. This approach results in a much wider range of potential applications than the atomic level alone initially suggests, including one serious path to shape memory materials.


Guionneau, Philippe;  Marchivie, Mathieu;  Chastanet, Guillaume

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