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Abstract objective: to provide and explore possibility of new idea that perform mouth-to-mouth ventilation through cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Methods: stage one is establishing the ventilation technique using cola bottle, stage two is measuring the tidal volume when different sized cola bottles were used. Result: the smallest sized cola bottle(500ml) can also make obvious thorax rise in manikin CPR model. The tidal volume is 174.5±9.1ml, 220±7.6ml and 447±15.9ml respectively for 500ml, 600ml and 1.25L cola bottles when using single hand performance. There are statistical differences (0.001) in tidal volume of different sized cola bottle by using one hand performance and two hands. Conclusion: larger sized cola bottles(600ml,1.25L) could be used as substitute ventilation technique for mouth-to-mouth ventilation in special circumnutates.


Maimaitiming Aini;  Wang Xiaohai;  Chen Jie;  Zhang Bing

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