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A model for the B-+/- -> pi(-)pi(+)pi(+/-) decay amplitude is proposed to study the large CP violation observed at the high mass region of the Dalitz plane. A short distance b -> u amplitude with the weak phase gamma is considered together with the contribution of a hadronic charm loop and a s-wave D (D) over bar -> pi pi rescattering. In the model, the chi(c0) appears as a narrow resonant state of the D (D) over bar system below threshold. It is introduced in an unitary two channel S-matrix model of the coupled D (D) over bar and pi pi channels, where the chi(c0) complex pole in D (D) over bar channel shows its signature in the off-diagonal matrix element and in the associated D (D) over bar -> pi pi transition amplitude. The strong phase of the resulting decay amplitude has a sharp sign change at the D (D) over bar threshold, changing the sign of the CP asymmetry, as it is observed in the data. We conclude that the hadronic charm loop and rescattering mechanism are relevant to the broadening of the CP asymmetry around the chi(c0) resonance in the pi pi channel. This novel mechanism provides a possible interpretation for the CP asymmetry challenging experimental result presented by the LHCb collaboration for the B-+/- -> pi(-)pi(+)pi(+/-) decay in the high mass region. (C) 2020 Published by Elsevier B.V.


Bediaga, I;  Frederico, T.;  Magalhaes, P. C.

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