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Introduction: The FITT (Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type) principle is an effective foundation in exercise prescription. However, the CORRECT components; C–Combination of interventions, O–Order of the Interventions, R–Repetitions, R–Rest period between sets and between sessions, E–Exercise at home, C–Cognitive domain, T–Total dose and re-evaluation plans, should be considered. The purpose of this paper was to describe the updated dynamic and evidence based FITT-CORRECT principle of exercise prescription and demonstrates its application using a case study. Methods: Literatures, related to exercise prescription, clinical reasoning and clinical decision-making, were critically reviewed. Established evidence is summarized to describe an updated dynamic and evidence-based principle of exercise prescription. The gaps within the FITT and other related principles of exercise prescription are addressed. Results: The FITT-CORRECT principle was introduced and an effective outcome of the updated principle was demonstrated using a case study. Conclusions: The FITT-CORRECT principle integrates many components that are missing in the FITT and other related exercise prescription principles. Based on the reported case study, the FITT-CORRECT principle of exercise prescription should optimize patients’ intervention outcomes. Physiotherapists can potentially improve their exercise prescription by utilizing the FITT-CORRECT in clinical practice.


Adhikari Shambhu P;  Tretriluxana Jarugool;  Dev Rubee;  Eglitis Emily;  Shrestha Nistha;  Kerfeld Cheryl

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