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Ketamine is frequently used to induce analgesia or anesthesia in laboratory animals, but its effects on learning and memory are poorly characterized. Long-term potentiation (LIP) is considered a cellular mechanism for learning and memory. Ketamine administration immediately abolishes hippocampal LIP in vivo, but whether this effect persists is not known. The authors administered one of two doses of ketamine to adult male C57BL/6 mice and measured LIP in hippocampal slices from the mice 24 h later. Neither LIP induction nor LIP maintenance differed significantly in mice that were administered ketamine compared with mice that were administered saline. The findings suggest that a single intraperitoneal dose of ketamine does not persistently alter LIP in adult male mice.


Ribeiro, Patricia O.;  Silva, Henrique B.;  Tome, Angelo R.;  Cunha, Rodrigo A.;  Antunes, Luis M.

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