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The microstructure and tensile property of Al0.2Co1.5CrFeNi1.5Ti0.3 high entropy alloy (HEA) processed by selective laser melting (SLM) have been studied in comparisons to that fabricated by traditional cast & wrought (C&W;) route. The C&W; samples were annealed and then aged at 750 degrees C for 50 h to promote precipitation strengthening of L1(2) structured phase in FCC matrix. By contrast, SLM samples were aged directly at 750 degrees C for 50 h from the as-built condition, which possessed sub-micron dendritic segregation, internal stress and nano oxides; the result was a microstructure with not only L1(2) particles dispersion, but also L1(2) phase was formed at subgrain boundaries, nano oxides and dislocations were present in the matrix. The tensile properties of this HEA were significantly enhanced by the SLM and direct ageing process; the room temperature yield strength (1235 MPa) and ultimate tensile strength (1550 MPa) achieved in this work are the highest to-date for HEAs subjected to laser additive manufacturing processes. Comparing to those of C&W; samples, the SLM samples at room temperature and 500 degrees C exhibited additional yield strengths of 284 MPa and 229 MPa, and additional ultimate tensile strengths of 240 MPa and 275 MPa, respectively. The degree of L1(2) phase precipitation strengthening was similar for both SLM and C&W; samples subjected to the same ageing treatment, interestingly, the additional microstructure features of SLM sample provided extra strengthening contributions; detailed analysis on microstructure evolution and strengthening factors are presented and discussed in this article.


Lin, Wei-Chih;  Chang, Yao-Jen;  Hsu, Tzu-Hou;  Gorsse, Stephane;  Sun, Fei;  Furuhara, Tadashi;  Yeh, An-Chou

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