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The Enskog kinetic theory for moderately dense inertial suspensions under simple shear flow is considered as a model to analyze the rheological properties of the system. The influence of the background fluid on suspended particles is modeled via a viscous drag force plus a Langevin-like term defined in terms of the background temperature. In a previous paper [Hayakawa et al., Phys. Rev. E 96, 042903 (2017)], Grad's moment method with the aid of a linear shear-rate expansion was employed to obtain a theory which gave good agreement with the results of event-driven Langevin simulations of hard spheres for low densities and/or small shear rates. Nevertheless, the previous approach had a limitation of not being applicable to the high-shear-rate and high-density regime. Thus, in the present paper, we extend the previous work and develop Grad's theory including higher-order terms in the shear rate. This improves significantly the theoretical predictions, a quantitative agreement between theory and simulation being found in the high-density region (volume fractions smaller than or equal to 0.4).


Takada, Satoshi;  Hayakawa, Hisao;  Santos, Andres;  Garzo, Vicente

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