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Extractive waste (EW) from abandoned mines can pose serious pressure to natural water systems. The harmful effects of EW such as deterioration of water sources by allowing leaching of potentially toxic elements (PTE) into groundwater make it necessary to carry out careful, scientific and comprehensive studies on this subject. The present research used risk analysis approach to study the effect of presence of PTE to groundwater in abandoned mine site in Gorno, Lombardy (NW Italy). Results indicated that the groundwater was at risk due to Cd and Zn when point of compliance (POC) was at zero m and decreased to no risk at distance of 1500 m from waste dumps.


Mehta, Neha;  Lasagna, Manuela;  Dino, Giovanna Antonella;  Ajmone-Marsan, Franco;  De Luca, Domenico Antonio

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