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Distribution network is the group of connected loads with number of buses and feeders. The different facial appearance is present in distribution system which makes it somewhat arduous and dissimilar to examine as estimated to a transmission system. Due to load uncertainties, the system effected with losses, faults, quality and discrepancies in power supply at distribution level. Now a days the identification of fault and its type as of conventional approaches is very complicated and calibrated dynamically is proposed in this work. This work narrates impedance-based fault calculation for its location and its type based on feeder distance between bus to bus for 3-phase 4-wire distribution system. The paper mix faults section detection with impedance-based method in order to address non-homogeneity of feeder parameters and power quality issues in distribution system. The 15-Bus and 33-Bus distribution test system is examined and estimated the fault and its type using Fuzzy logic using MATLAB.


Kumar, U. Kamal;  Reddy, Nimmakayala Siva Prasad;  Daram, Suresh Babu;  Janamala, Varaprasad

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