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PurposeThis paper aims to study the tribological properties of high strength glass fabric/phenolic laminate composites reinforced by carbon fiber (CF) with and without graphene oxide (GO) modified.Design/methodology/approachIn this study, the tribological performance tests of the composites were conducted on a block-on-ring tester (MRH-03). The applied load, linear velocity and duration of time are 200 N, 0.5 m/s and 120 min, respectively. The friction coefficient and specific wear rate were shown.FindingsThe optimal content of GO on CFs is 0.2 per cent mass fraction. The optimal content of GO addition means the strongest interfacial adhesion between the CF and the matrix.Originality/valueThe main originality of this paper is to reveal the effect of surface GO on CF on the tribological properties of fabric-reinforced composites.Peer reviewThe peer review history for this article is available at:


Cao, Fengxiang;  Yan, Fengyuan;  Wang, Jianzhang

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