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Taking advantage of the low-cost photovoltaic (PV) energy requires overcoming several process challenges. The Triple intercell bar technology, with current source topology, is a synergic solution. This bar overcomes faulty or open contacts and surpasses the anomaly of metallurgical short circuits. In addition, an extra 10% in sunlight PV energy is possible, thanks to lower current densities dispersions. This requires modulating the day-night process current of the copper cathodes electrowinning facility. The technology ensures bypass of defective contacts and prevention or attenuation of short circuits. Moreover, the technology extends the lifetime of the electrodes and improves the energy efficiency. A concentrated parameter model, using industrial data projects the results.


Wiechmann, Eduardo P.;  Diaz, Jonhy E.;  Morales, Anibal S.;  Aqueveque, Pablo E.

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