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We report for the first time a study on non-contact thermal poling of soda lime silicate glasses using DC gas discharge. In this work, the formation of a glow discharge is evidenced during the thermal poling treatment (longer than 30 minutes). The hardness and the chemical durability of glasses poled under different conditions (contact or non-contact) and atmospheres (nitrogen or air) are measured and compared to that of un-poled reference glass. The results reveal enhanced mechanical and chemical properties for samples poled under nitrogen as compare to air poled or soda lime silicate glass samples. A structural and chemical analysis of surface of the glass using IR-reflectance measurement and ToF-SIMS is also presented. The formation of a "silica-like" layer on the surface of nitrogen poled glasses is observed, which is likely associated with the enhancement of surface properties. On the other hand, the introduction of protons beneath the surface of glasses poled under air leads to the formation of a hydrated alkaline earth silica layer. Based on the observations a mechanism behind the sustainability of the plasma under DC conditions is proposed.


Chazot, Matthieu;  Paraillous, Maxime;  Jouannigot, Stephane;  Teule-Gay, Lionel;  Salvetat, Jean-Paul;  Adamietz, Frederic;  Alvarado-Meza, Ricardo;  Karam, Lara;  Poulon, Angeline;  Cardinal, Thierry;  Fargin, Evelyne;  Dussauze, Marc

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