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There has been a development in system quality due to development of technology. Globalization resulted in increase of consumers' demands and the number of competitors; thus the initiation of system quality is not considered a competitive advantage any more. Development of management system has led to a need to merge more management systems into one system - an integrated management system. An integrated management system can be a combination of two or more management systems: Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001), Information Security Management System (ISO 27001), Energy Efficiency Management System (ISO 50001) and others. One of the most important facts for every organization, including business clusters, is ensuring the quality and reliability of products, health, safety and satisfaction of employees, compliance of environmentally friendly standards for the environment, proving the safety of classified data and reducing energy consumption. The primary goal of this paper is to show the frequency of application of integrated management systems in Croatian companies in practice focusing on the business clusters. The other goal of the paper is to present the management systems that are most frequently integrated in Croatian business practice, also with the same focus on clusters. Qualitative research methodology was used in this paper while the data was collected combining the primary and secondary sources. Two working hypotheses were set up on literature-based analysis. The first hypothesis is that most of the companies and clusters in the Republic of Croatia has implemented an integrated management system. The second hypothesis is that most companies and clusters integrated the Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001). The third goal of the paper is to relate the numbers of the certified companies by regions in Republic of Croatia with GDP as macroeconomics indicators. Finally, the third hypothesis is that the most developed regions in the Republic of Croatia have the highest number of certified companies. The short theoretical review of the most important management systems is outlined in the introductory part of the paper and the second part of the paper refers to the research results of application of integrated management systems in the Republic of Croatia related to the main economic regional indicators.


Britvic, Josip;  Marosevic, Katarina;  Pavkovic, Anita

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