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Renewable energy has gained significant attention of researchers in the last years, mainly due to the importance of using unlimited energy sources to supply homes, industries, cities and countries. In this context, this document focuses on the solar injection by employing a neutral point clamped (NPC) topology together with utilization of a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and space vector modulation (SVM) techniques. Model predictive control (MPC) is employed to manage the currents and track their references. The proposed algorithms do not employ a cost function to decide which voltage to apply resulting in a spread frequency spectrum, and instead, a concentrated SVM spectrum is imposed. Notwithstanding, the DC link capacitors voltage balance is ensured and the computational burden is notably reduced as compared to traditional Finite Set Model Predictive Control (FS-MPC). Nevertheless, the consistent results are a consequence of the critical analysis that shows the feasibility of the proposal and guarantees the good performance of the entire system in simulated and experimental platforms.


Silva, Jose J.;  Espinoza, Jose R.;  Rohten, Jaime A.;  Pulido, Esteban S.;  Villarroel, Felipe A.;  Torres, Miguel A.;  Reyes, Mauricio A.

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