Taking attendance is a day-to-day chore for every organization, human resources, and class teachers, traditionally people take attendance manually either by calling out names or allowing the user to sign the attendance sheets or clock in and out. The problem, however, people most likely sign the attendance on behalf of their colleagues that are absent. This makes the traditional method very vulnerable and may affect the integrity of the system. Researchers come up with different ideas and methods of minimizing fake attendance to improve efficiency in terms of integrity, time and cost. After reviewing the existing system's strength and vulnerabilities, we are proposing a multi-factor authentication algorithm which makes use of QR code, GPS, and Facial recognition. The user will make use of their personal mobile phone. The research of this proposed is still ongoing, we are hoping the proposed technique can be applied to various attendance systems such as schools, universities, and organizations.


Yazid, Asim Balarabe;  Boukar, Moussa Mahamat;  Ibrahim, Salisu Yusuf;  Muslu, Isa

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