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Fabrication of dense Cu/40CF metal matrix composites for heat sink applications by hydrothermal sintering at low temperature (P = 250 MPa; T = 265 degrees C, t(sinter) = 60 min; water quantity = 5 wt%) is reported. Study of various sintering parameters and their influence on densification are investigated. Comparative thermal and microstructural properties of hydrothermally sintered samples with the conventionally used uniaxial hotpressing samples on Cu/40CF material show considerable improvements, namely increase of thermal conductivity (TC) and decrease of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). Hydrothermal sintering yields, through a dissolution/precipitation mechanism, quasi-isotropic thermal properties (TC = 300 W/mK and CTE = 8 10(-6)/K).


Prakasam, Mythili;  Morvan, Adrien;  Azina, Clio;  Constantin, Loic;  Goglio, Graziella;  Largeteau, Alain;  Bordere, Sylvie;  Heintz, Jean-Marc;  Lu, Yongfeng;  Silvain, Jean-Francois

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