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Objective: Colorectal cancer is one of the most commonly occurring cancers in men and women worldwide as well as one of the most common causes of death from cancer. It has a higher prevalence in men than women. The treatment of colorectal cancer (surgically or through chemotherapy) severely affects both patients and their families. The objective of the study was to identify cases of colorectal cancer, evaluate their demographic and clinical data, and identify any statistical relationship. Methods: This is a retrospective study. The data were collected through the revision of cancer patients’ fi les in the Chemotherapy Center at Vlore Regional Hospital, Vlore, Albania. The analysis included fi les from 2015-March 2019. A total of 72 patients’ fi les with colorectal cancer were analyzed. Result: Mean age of patients 66.36 ± SD10.99 years old, range 38-86. Most of the patients were male (n = 45) and with colon cancer type (n = 44). 19 patients had treatment with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. 56.34% of patients with colorectal cancer are still alive. The results of the study are the same as the global trend in terms of age, gender, type of cancer but not in terms of years of survival, which appear lower. Conclusion: The study suggests that in demographic terms patients with colorectal cancer have no difference from world trend. There was also a marked lack of documentation regarding the clinical data of patients. The complete and accurate documentation of cases with colorectal cancer is recommended to develop quality models of nursing care as well as to design effective promotional and preventive campaigns for colorectal cancer.


Kamberi Fatjona;  Jaho Jerina

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