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While ordered L12 or gamma prime precipitates in face centered cubic (FCC) based microstructures have been extensively used for strengthening nickel or cobalt base superalloys, and more recently in high entropy alloys (HEAs) or complex concentrated alloys (CCAs), the possibility of exploiting ordered B2 precipitates in FCC-based systems has been relatively less investigated. The present study shows the propensity of developing a heterogeneous microstructure, consisting of two different distributions of FCC grain sizes, and two different size scales of B2 precipitates, within an FCC-based Al0.5Co1.5CrFeNi1.5 HEA/ CCA. This alloy composition has been designed using solution thermodynamics -based modeling such that it has a high phase fraction and solvus temperature of the B2 phase. The resulting heterogenous microstructure exhibited an approximately 400% increase in yield strength with respect to the singlephase FCC solid solution condition of the same alloy while maintaining very good tensile ductility 20%. (C) 2020 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


Dasari, S.;  Jagetia, A.;  Chang, Y. -J.;  Soni, V.;  Gwalani, B.;  Gorsse, S.;  Yeh, A. -C.;  Banerjee, R.

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