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The vector leptoquark representation, U eta = (3, 1, 2/3), was recently identified as an exceptional single mediator model to address experimental hints on lepton flavor universality violation in semileptonic B-meson decays, both in neutral (b -> s mu mu) and charged (b -> c tau v) current processes. Nonetheless, it is well known that massive vectors crave an ultraviolet (UV) completion. We present the first full-fledged UV complete and calculable gauge model which incorporates this scenario while remaining in agreement with all other indirect flavor and electroweak precision measurements, as well as, direct searches at high-pT. The model is based on a new non-Abelian gauge group spontaneously broken at the TeV scale, and a specific flavor structure suppressing flavour violation in Delta F = 2 processes while inducing sizeable semileptonic transitions.


Di Luzio, Luca;  Greljo, Admir;  Nardecchia, Marco

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