This paper is an initial approach to relate household energy expenditures, sociodemographic and housing features. Research findings were based on household budget survey variables, regarding basic household and householder features and their interaction at cross-country level. In terms of sociodemographic characteristics, particular focus was given as to how energy consumption expenditures vary with age of household reference person, as well as with the type of household. Additionally, variations in household consumption expenditures were also assessed according to the urban background setting. It was found that both sociodemographic and urban household surroundings may play a relevant role in energy at residential level, particularly regarding an increasingly older population living alone in their households. The study allowed to open important avenues for future research in order to reach a deeper understanding of the interlinks between these factors, for which an integrated modeling approach that combines housing and sociodemographic determinants is required.


Lima, Fatima;  Ferreira, Paula;  Leal, Vitor

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