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Hussin Jose Hejase

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  • This paper shows the seriuos cocern to create more awareness about colon cancer. Hejase et al."s paper is well structured abiding by the scientific requirements of the research process. A very good literature review followed by a clear description of the research methodology and excellent empirical analysis of the research objectives. This paper demonstartes that using a protoype [inflatable Colon Model] to accompany the awareness presentations is very effective wherby findings show the increase of the numbers of Lebanese who went for testing and asked for further support. This research is considered a beneficial manifestation of research since it helped the embetterment of societal welbeing.

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  • This paper is a sequel to a previous research which diagnosed and assessed the extent of knowledge manifested by a set of Lebanese citizens distributed in many regions. This research offers a more realistic view of the situation of awareness about Colon Cancer among the Lebanese population. This research provides the reader with historical facts about using Inflatable Colon Prototypes in other countries, however it also describes using the same approach through the visited Lebanese territories to give concerned people a visual proof in large scale by walking through the prototype. Results are very encouraging, it added up to the extent of awareness and many citizens who were invited to the field demonstration performed the preventive testing. This paper is considered the first of its kind in Lebanon and adds up to the literature about colon cancer which is considered not very numerous in terms of published research articles. The extensive lectures and demonstrations on which this paper is based have attracted the interest of policy makers in the Ministry of Health and consequently the Minister announced formal campaigns for awareness creation in association with the concerned NGO [SAID], in this case headed by one of the co-authors.

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