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This report describes the detection of Lymphocystis disease virus 3 (LCDV-Sa) in farmed S. aurata samples in addition to thirteen wild fish specimen caught around sea bream cages. Samples obtained from five Tunisian fish farms, with different LCDV infection history during 2014. Organ pools were examined from both clinically diseased and asymptomatic specimens using molecular diagnosis tools .Nested PCR and qPCR results confirmed for the first time the presence of LCDV-genome in a group of non-listed susceptible wild fish in Tunisia. Partial sequence analysis of the MCP gene in samples obtained in this study indicated that the newly identified LCDV strains were clustered within genotype VII and shared 96-100% of sequence identity with previously identified Tunisian LCDV sequences from work completed in 2005, despite the active trade of fish among farms located in the Mediterranean Sea.


Cherif Nadia;  Amdouni Fatma;  Maatoug Kaouther;  Zaafran Sami

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