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Harmonization of academic records between institutions will ease information sharing among institutions and reduce forgery of certifications and other academic qualifications. A solutions was proposed which collect relevant certificate information from Nigerian Universities' databases via web service and make it publically available across all platforms via web service as a means for verifying certificate authenticity. One of the limitations of the proposed system is the limitation imposed on the data that can be retrieved from institutions by the defines JSON template, more relevant data might be neglected, also it was assumed that all universities use relational database, with the current trend it is possible in the nearest future a good number of institutions might move to NoSQL platform. In this study we proposed an enhancement of the initially proposed system to accommodate diversity of data and databases provided by institutions by using NoSQL platform and allowing institutions modify the template for the web service they will share their data, this improves the parsing time as data will not need to be structured as relational database. Hence an enhancement of the Nigerian Universities' Certificate Verification was proposed.


Yusuf, Salisu Ibrahim;  Boukar, Moussa Mahamat;  Muslu, Isa

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