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Isabel P Martins;  Marissa Westerfield;  Marco Lopes;  Carolina Maruta;  Ricardo Gil-da-Costa

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  • The study published by Martins et al adds substantial knowledge to the headache field. It brings the idea of monitoring episodic migraine episodic patients using continue EEG devices at home to record and identify the migraine pattern through the days. 24 patients were followed during na average of 13,3 days, wearing a portable device. Abnormal neurophysiological patterns found in 12,5 % of patients predicted the occurence of a headache attack.
    The opportunity of treating a migraine episode before it comes is ideal in a preventive treatment, but which approach is better, pharmachological or non-pharmacological, has yet to be determined. Future studies should be done with other ways of predicting a headache, with a more simple technique, feasible for the patient and less expensive.

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