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Student assistance programs, properly implemented, are important providers of basic conditions that guarantee the student's permanence in the university during their studies. The main objective of this work is to describe the steps taken to develop a scale to measure the perception of the quality of the students benefited from the food service provided by an outsourced company in four campuses of a Brazilian public university. Through a web survey, a total of 2469 questionnaires were collected at four university campuses. The scale was developed adopting principal component analysis. As a result, emerged five components (food-quality, facilities, food-safe, interaction with employees and waiting-noiseodours) which together explain approximately 64.11% of the total model variance. Among the five dimensions, interaction with employees, was the one which achieved the best performance. Analyzing the comparative performance of the four restaurants, it was found that the Campus IV's restaurant reached the highest score. The scale was used as one of the indicators that comprised the methodology of formal evaluation of the company contracted to provide university food service, becoming a relevant good practice of governance in the management of public procurement.


Portela de Vasconcelos, Claudio Ruy;  Ferreira, Paula;  Lima, Caio Furtado

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