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The research topic "Integrated Management Systems" has been addressed by a large number of authors throughout the last years. However, a widespread, comprehensive and extensive literature review about this phenomenon has not been carried out yet. This paper intends to present the first results of a work in progress aiming at the development of that systematic, widespread, comprehensive and extensive literature review addressing the standardized integrated management systems research domain This project encompasses some features (scarcely reported at traditional literature review studies) such as a bibliometric (scientometric) analysis of the papers indexed in Scopus, Web of Knowledge and Google Scholar and an improved visualization tool (affinity diagram) considering the subtopics addressed in each paper. The soundest bibliographic databases (Scopus, Web of Knowledge and Google Scholar) were queried adopting the following keywords at the "Title" field: "Integrated Management Systems", "Integration of Management Systems" or "Management Systems Integration". The resulting papers were then selected based on the appropriateness of the content summarized in the abstract. A total of 341 papers published at conference proceedings, journals or as book chapters or books comprised the final sample. The content analysis of the papers from 2016 onwards was summarized by one of the new (management) quality tools- the affinity diagram. The bibliometric and citation analysis took into account all the papers (1995-2019). Results present some insights and report the most useful publication strategies to assure and maximize the probability of being cited by the peers.


Saraiva, Catarina;  Domingues, Pedro;  Sampaio, Paulo;  Arezes, Pedro M.

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