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The efficiency of solar photo-Fenton treatment is related to ambient conditions, as it depends on solar irradiance levels and operation temperature, consequently, it is highly influenced by plant location. In this context, solar photo-Fenton feasibility in three Sunbelt cities (Tabernas -Spain-, Arica -Chile- and Doha -Qatar-) for the treatment of industrial wastewater has been analysed. Process performance was simulated by means of a semi-empirical photo-Fenton model comparing the results obtained with yearly average ambient conditions and the most unfavourable monthly ambient conditions. This data was used with scaling-up purposes in order to determine the photoreactor size and reservoir tank volume needed for each case. Finally, an economical assessment was carried out. Doha presented the lowest total costs (TC), 2.23 (sic)/m(3), followed by Arica with 2.45 (sic)/m(3) and Tabernas with 2.67 (sic)/m(3) for the method based on yearly averages. For the most unfavourable ambient conditions method, the TCs were slightly higher resulting in 2.29, 2.55 and 3.11 (sic)/m(3), respectively. Cost breakdowns were analogous independently of scaling-up method and location, being amortization costs (ACs) more influenced by location than operation costs (OCs). (c) 2019 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Cabrera Reina, A.;  Miralles-Cuevas, S.;  Cornejo, L.;  Pomares, L.;  Polo, J.;  Oller, I.;  Malato, S.

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