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Bio-based self-healing polymers exhibiting recovery of high mechanical strength by mild heating are developed. A series of bio-based network polymers was prepared from furan copolymers, poly(2,5-furandimethylene succinate-co-propylene succinate)s, through the reversible Diels-Alder reaction with bismaleimide. By changing the comonomer composition of the copolymer and the amount of bismaleimide added to the copolymer, the network polymers with various glass transition temperature, T-g, covering from -19 to 37 degrees C were obtained. Healing test of these network polymers at r.t. and 50 degrees C revealed a clear relationship between healing ability and T-g: healing required a healing temperature T-h > T-g +15 degrees C. Furthermore, the network polymers with r.t < T-g < 50 degrees C expressed recovery of quite high tensile strength of 11-18 MPa at 50 degrees C. This result indicates that setting T-g slightly above r.t. and T-h above T-g+15 degrees C shoud be a good strategy to obtain a good balance between mild healing conditions and recovery of high mechanical strength. (C) 2019 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Yoshie, Naoko;  Yoshida, Shoma;  Matsuoka, Koji

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