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Innovative banking supervision methods associated with the study of business models and the risk profile of banks are the top priorities. The European Banking Authority considers the business model as a set of tools and methods to organize work, generate profits, and sustain growth. For the first time, the European Central Bank introduced the assessment of the viability of business models and profitability factors as a supervisory priority. Appropriate mathematical tools are needed to identify business models and assess bank risks. It is necessary to use specific supervisory approaches and adequate measures of influence for different business models of banks. It is proposed to distribute jars to separate homogeneous structural-functional groups. Structural and functional analysis of the banking system is a special method for analysing qualitative changes through quantitative indicators of bank reports. Comparison of structural characteristics with previous reporting periods allows you to set changes for each group of banks, the relationship between groups. The basis of the analysis is the observation of the location and trajectory of each bank on the self-organized map Kohonen. Neighbouring banks on the map have similar characteristics of financial stability. The method allows considering a significant number of indicators for the formation of homogeneous groups of banks. A recent survey shows a reduction in banks in the central part of the map, which does not have significant deviations from the average characteristics of assets, liabilities, income and expenses. At the same time, banks with a high share of current resources are growing. Current resources do not provide the necessary sources for the development of bank loans. An important modern trend in the development of the banking services market is the growth of a group of banks that place assets in government securities. The activities of a large number of banks are associated with currency risks.


Zarutska, Elena;  Pavlova, Tetiana;  Sinyuk, Alina

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