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Concern over environmental issues has become a major discussion in the business context, these discussions have driven organizations to pursue environmental strategies. There are several environmental strategies presented in the literature, however, no consensus on the appropriateness of these strategies in specific dimensions have been reached. In this context, this study aims to propose a conceptual model that grouped twenty-eight environmental strategies raised in the national and international literature. To validate the model we used the Delphi Technique for consultation with experts in the field of Environmental Management, aiming on the agreement in grouping strategies in the proposed dimensions. At the end of the technique implementation we could obtain a final conceptual model on environmental management strategies. This is expected to contribute to facilitate the choice of strategies that can better assist companies in reducing their environmental impact, but also on increasing their competitiveness.


Alves, Wellington;  Colombo, Ciliana Regina;  Portela, Claudio Ruy;  Ferreira, Paula;  Dalia, Raissa

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