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The influence of processing parameters on the morphology of hydrothermally derived BaTiO3 powders was investigated. Layered H2Ti3O7 with plank-like morphology were used as the Ti-precursor materials. The BaTiO3 powders were characterized by XRD and SEM. Lower Ba/Ti ratio is benefit for preparation of BaTiO3 particles which retains the morphology of the precursor. The BaTiO3 particles obtained at 200 degrees C for 24h were large, uniform, and plank-like particles. Extending the hydrothermal temperature or the hydrothermal time does not help to synthesize BaTiO3 powders of large size and uniform morphology.


Zhou, L.;  Yu, R.;  Zhu, K.;  Ya, J.;  Xing, X.;  Wang, D.;  Xu, W.

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