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The purpose of the current study was to explore ethnic differences in drug abstinence self-efficacy among recovering individuals. Levels of abstinence self-efficacy among African Americans and European Americans increased, decreased, and then increased again over the year. Drug abstinence self-efficacy remained stable over time among Latinos in this study. It is possible that, although they have reported positive experiences in Oxford House, Latinos may not receive the same benefits other groups gain from participation in Oxford House. Another possible explanation for the lack of change in abstinence selfefficacy among Latinos in Oxford House may be that factors outside the house and support networks may lower expectations for recovery. These factors may include inability to find work, experiences of discrimination, or lack of access to care. Future research needs to explore the social networks of Latinos in Oxford House as well as the experiences of this ethnic group in this program and in the community.


Navarro, Elbia;  Alvarez, Josefina;  Contreras, Richard;  Jason, Leonard A

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