This paper presents the project iReport SportsInjuries, which is a system with a focus on a Web application directed to sport health professionals, supporting the acquisition, analysis and dissemination of sports injuries information. This software will allow health professionals register and analyze sports injuries among sports populations. The application provides a reporting module that includes tables and charts to individually analyze injuries of a specific sports organization, a specific sport across organizations or a specific athlete, independently of where s/he practices. The system also offers a module for a global analysis, which allows the iReport SportsInjuries to obtain the incidence and prevalence values, besides the socioeconomics costs, regarding sports injuries at a national level. In order to offer these features, it is based on a global sports injuries model with the goal of standardizing data related to the sports injuries subject.


Macedo, Patrcia;  Madeira, Rui Neves;  Correia, Andre;  Jardim, Marco

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