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The power systems become operate closer to loadability limits; hence, the power systems static voltage stability assessment becomes an essential task in planning and operating for electric power systems to prevent voltage instability. In this paper, the improved moth flame optimization (IMFO) technique is applied for optimal location and size of (TCSC) with the aim of reducing load shedding, preventing voltage collapse, and enhancing the power system loadability. IMFO is developed to avoid the stagnating in local optima and improve the convergence characteristics of the conventional moth flame optimization. The loadability of the system is obtained using continuation power flow (CPF). The proposed approach is formulated by merging CPF with IMFO incorporated with TCSC. Multi-objective function is solved for minimization of loadability, load shedding, voltage stability index, and severity index. A contingency analysis is implemented on power system as two scenarios: The first scenario is outage of generator and the second scenario is outage line. Placement of TCSC has been determined by power flow analysis. The developed approach is tested on standard IEEE-30 bus system in normal operation, and contingency cases of generator and bus outage. The IMFO is compared to recent and well-known optimization techniques. The results reveal the efficiency of the proposed algorithm to reduce load shedding, continuous energy service to the customers and prevent occurrence of voltage collapse.


Sayed, Fatma;  Kamel, Salah;  Taher, Mahrous Ahmed;  Jurado, Francisco

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