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The open innovation paradigm proposes the use of external and internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as means to reach advances in technology used by companies. Its basic premise is open up the innovation process. An intermediary has the benefits of knowing many realities and of having a deep knowledge about the market given that they have the experience of contacting with several companies which compete in the same market. So, they can be seen by companies as a way of opening up their innovation process to outside company' boundaries. However, intermediaries often are restricted to their influence and knowledge area, which means that potentially their experience will be in the same business market, and with a small range of diversity of distinct knowledge and expertise. This paper presents an empirical study conducted with information systems intermediaries that explains how they potentiate theirs costumer's innovation and discusses that crowdsourcing could be used by these intermediaries as a mean of improving and accelerating the innovation process. Semi-structure interviews were conducted to obtain qualitative data. Four intermediaries with headquarters in Portugal and with business aboard, that have business of technology and knowledge transfer with big companies and a diverse client portfolio. The data were analysed according to Ground Theory analysis procedures. The main result was a model of knowledge that explains the activities developed by the companies to create and capture value, internally and externally. It appears that the activities of creation and capture of internal value are fairly consolidated, however, the external value capture are still quite incipient and there are some difficulties in the sharing and the spread of internal knowledge.


Silva, Candida;  Ramos, Isabel

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