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Demonstration of quantum entanglement, a key resource in quantum computation arising from a nonclassical correlation of states, requires complete measurement of all states in varying bases. By using simultaneous measurement and state tomography, we demonstrated entanglement between two solid-state qubits. Single qubit operations and capacitive coupling between two superconducting phase qubits were used to generate a Bell-type state. Full two-qubit tomography yielded a density matrix showing an entangled state with fidelity up to 87%. Our results demonstrate a high degree of unitary control of the system, indicating that larger implementations are within reach.


Steffen, Matthias;  Ansmann, M.;  Bialczak, Radoslaw C.;  Katz, N.;  Lucero, Erik;  McDermott, R.;  Neeley, Matthew;  Weig, E. M.;  Cleland, A. N.;  Martinis, John M.

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