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Coach is an essential figure in youth sport as plans and interacts continually with their athletes, influencing in the quality and continuity of the youth sport career. Different intervention programs for coaches, like the Coach Effectiveness Training (CET) or the Mastery Approach Climate (MAC), are applied to improve coaches behaviours and, consequently, promoting sport practice as more appellative avoiding sport drop out. In this study, the effects of the Coaches' Personalized Counseling Program (PAPE) applied to 4 soccer coaches, in sport commitment, sport enjoyment, involvement alternatives and drop out of the soccer players were assessed. The soccer players from four teams, between 14 and 16 years, answered the Sport Commitment Questionnaire (SCQ) before and after the intervention. Results show that soccer players were still committed at the end of the season even experience less enjoyment. The drop out results shows lower rates than other classic studies.


Sousa, C.;  Cruz, J.;  Viladrich, C.;  Torregrosa, M.

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